(Polski) Pełnienie funkcji Inżyniera wg warunków FIDIC

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(Polski) Wykonanie robót rozbiórkowych (wyburzeń) obiektów kubaturowych na terenie GCT: magazynu (budynki G-544, G-545, Gs-546) i warsztatu (budynek 335A)

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(Polski) Dostawa jednego wozu wysięgnikowego typu reachstacker do przeładunku kontenerów

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(Polski) Dostawa 1 sztuki kontenerowej suwnicy nabrzeżowej

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    Company Registration

    Entered into the Companies Registry of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court in Gdańsk – VIII Economic Registry Department under number KRS: 0000901814. EU VAT number: PL 5860020200. The amount of the share capital paid: PLN 11,379,300.00.



    ISPS: GCT complies with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

    The fenced terminal area and the buildings are equipped with the latest electronic security systems, including CCTV, access control, and alarm and fire detection installations. Furthermore, a specialist company certified in terms of port facility, personal and property security guaranties the safety on the terminal.

    AEO: Hutchison Ports Gdynia (GCT) was awarded the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification for “Customs Simplifications” and “Security and Safety” April 27, 2016. The full AEO status allows GCT’s customers to streamline the paperwork, go through fewer physical and document-based Customs control points, and to receive priority treatment at control and inspection points, as well as the advanced notice if customers’ goods require a physical inspection. GCT’s AEO certification number is PLAEOF320000160090.

    NCAGE: In February 2021, Gdynia Container Terminal Sp. z o.o. received the 9A8LH code identifying the company in the NATO Codification System (NCAGE Code - NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code).


    Port Facility Security Officer

    +48 58 78 55 322
    +48 515 422 656
    E-mail: p.pater@gct.pl

    IT systems

    The award-winning proprietary Next Generation Terminal Management System (nGen) was successfully rolled out at GCT in July 2006. It was the first system in Poland which enabled web-based remote access for terminal customers through the Internet. This seamless and scalable terminal operating system includes the following modules:
    • nGen - overall management of container terminal operations including yard planning and container grounding allocation; move dispatching; gatehouse operations, vessel and rail loading and unloading; inventory management and operations reporting.
    • Guider - vessel operations planning including vessel model maintenance, stowage planning and crane working program generation.
    • OMS - yard operations monitoring including inventory distribution and movement status display.
    • eXpress - external user access through Internet for inventory enquiry, information and report download, export booking, forwarder pre-advice and Customs hold and release of containers.
    • TRACS - real-time reporting and control of container lifting and grounding moves by RTGCs and vessel loading and unloading by quay cranes through radio data communications.
    • nBIS - tariff maintenance, invoice preparation and adjustment, invoice generation and reporting.
    • EDI - under the EDIFACT standard, we offer our customers fast and automated access to data and services. Currently most shipping lines and feeder operators use main EDI messages such CODECO, COARRI, CUSCAR and COPRAR. In addition, we offer EDI capability for forwarding companies.
    SVG Modal background